Food and Drink at Josephine's

By popular request we are now taking bookings which you can do online via the website. We are table service only so please wait to be seated. We are more relaxed and friendly rather than regimental and formal and timed seating always seems to upset someone so there may be a short wait if we're busy, even if you have booked so please bear with us.

Vegan and Gluten Free

We have an increasing range of vegan and gluten free options. See our menu for our new vegan only section for your convenience.

Our Suppliers

Most food on the menu is prepared to order, so there may be a short wait but it will be worth it. All fresh produce is local, but some items really need to come from quality suppliers. Our ham comes from Dukes Hill, our clotted cream from Rodda's in Cornwall.


We have a small retail area where you can buy some of our jams and chutneys that we use in our food.



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