Pushchairs and Buggies Policy

Unfortunately the size and layout of Josephine's has meant we are not what is classed as "child friendly". This is nothing against little ones, if anything this is more a responsible concern for everyone's safety rather than 'chase every penny' from every possible customer.
We have over the last few months tried to accomodate babies and young children and on a few occassions we have had near miss incidents with regard to access, safety and accidents. Whilst most people will understand and appreciate this policy, our overriding concern is for the safety of our older guests and those with mobility issues. Pushchairs, whether out the way or folded create a hazard in our premises.  Broken plates, tea pots and such can be replaced. Burns, scalds and broken bones are not so easy to resolve.
One day we hope to have a larger premises where we can properly accomodate babies and children.
 Thanks for visiting Josephine's
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