Ever wished you were part of something big when it was still just a fledgling? 

Have you got the skills, experience, enthusiasm, as well as finance to help the brand go nationwide?

Have you got experience of brand growth and franchising? Not afraid to try a different model and fresh ideas?

We’re looking for the right investor/s to help take the business to the next level. We might be small but we’re perfectly formed and easy to steer. Why throw money at a big clunky operation that probably needs investment just to stay afloat.

Pre-covid we were seeing growth of over 30% from first year. With increased product ranges, wider audience and continually hitting capacity limits, Josephine’s has been a shining star in a sector that has been decimated. During closed restrictions we were still pulling 30% of turnover, during tier restrictions we only saw a 50% drop rather than 80% like so many others.

With an exceptionally strong brand identity that is trademarked and a reputation for outstanding service, Josephine’s rapidly became the most talked about venue in Nottingham when it first opened in last 2018.

We have incredible plans for the future that for the right investor will be not just be financially rewarding but also a status.

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