Updated 3/1/21

We are currently able to offer only collection and home delivery options at this time.

Our approach to keeping you and everyone safe

We are all understandably concerned at this time about our safety and the safety of those around us. At Josephine’s all our staff have families and elderly relatives too and opening to the public is the forefront of our minds.

Since the outbreak began, most of our regular customers will have noticed that from the beginning of February we have had sanitisers and enhanced cleaning in place. That’s long before most places took it seriously, unfortunately.

That’s the first reason you should feel safe coming to Josephine’s. We’re independent and can react quickly. The owners of the business are nearly always on site too, making sure that core safety procedures are followed and where possible, exceeded.

Why Josephine’s is a safe option while coming into Nottingham

  • We’re slightly away from the main shopping areas so our footfall is much lower – where 1000 people might go through a fast food restaurant in a hour, we have just over 30 seats. That’s thousands less contact risk points. Potentially hundreds less people than busier areas. Think about that for a moment!
  • When the cinema reopens soon we’re just a step away from the Cornerhouse.
  • Door to Door – taxis can drop off right outside if you’re not coming by tram. If coming by car then Trinity Square car park have put measures in place including sanitiser points at exits/entrances.
  • We’ve got outside seating and we’re expanding it too. An extra 10 seats and more space allowing you to enjoy your favourite venue with more family and friends.
  • Our new internal seating arrangements have created stylish booths that at 6ft high give much more protection than lower ones and extend the full depth of chairs, not just the table.
  • We’ve got at least 3 sanitiser points in the customer area (plus at least 1 in every staff area). That’s a ratio of 1 for every 10 customers inside, possibly the highest ratio in Nottingham. Plus every customer will receive individual hand wipes if requested.
  • We’ve installed a full length counter screen to protect our staff and you.
  • Disposable menus, just pick one up on the way in, after you’ve sanitised your hands of course!
  • Longer opening hours – no need to rush. As the city gets back to busy, we’ll stay open longer to spread bookings out.
  • Full clean of our ventilation system and increased airflow into the customer area and all air conditioning filters as advised.

Additional measures we are taking:

  • We take staff temperatures before and after shifts. We’ll take yours too if you want as it’s contactless, but if you are feeling unwell then please do not come in at all! All deposits are secure and you will not lose money, just rebook when you are better. After at least 14 days though please.
  • Recording customer contact details for NHS test and trace for 21 days.
  • Reorganised staff workspace. We’ve got new equipment that means our staff can work more independently. We’ve even built an extra kitchen so preparation, bakery and servery are all separated.
  • Small staff teams and keeping people working together as per government guidance. As we’re small we only have a few staff anyway. Our kitchen workflow has always been good anyway.
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes will mean things might be a little slower, but speed isn’t important – safety is.
  • All our kitchen staff have done level 2 food hygiene within the last year. They know what is required for a high level of food safety. Those skills transfer easily to ensuring the complete safety of Josephine’s.

To summarise:

  • Risk assessment carried out and signed by all staff
  • All staff undergone training and awareness
  • Special covid secure guidelines and operational procedures created and signed by all staff
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes
  • Continual reference to UKHospitality safe working practices including adhering to social distance recommendations

We’ve taken all the precautions we have been advised are necessary, and added to them. We feel that Josephine’s is one of the safest venues in Nottingham. Being small and cosy lowers risk.

If you have any concerns or worries then please talk to us. We’ll even give you a guided tour out of hours if you are concerned for the safety of your family.

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Steve & Jo, along the rest of the team.