Home Delivery

We’ll be starting a home delivery service as soon as possible in partnership with one of our suppliers J Kerry who are a local independent fruit and veg business. These are the sort of things you’ll be able to enjoy at home:

Afternoon Tea

Celebration boxes of cakes and treats

– We’ll even be doing a selection of our main dishes too including our recently launched Tapas style world dishes!

– You will also be able to order fruit and vegetables from J Kerry

Our doors may or may not be open depending on the latest restrictions, so if you can’t come to us then we’ll come to you. Supporting two local businesses in one go!


Live alone? Feeling lonely?

If you are able and allowed to come to us then our staff are as attentive as ever, and if you just want someone to talk to for a few minutes whilst having lunch then we’re here, or you can just lose yourself in our music.


Further details coming soon and via our newsletter mailing list.

Enjoy the elegance and style Tea Room & Bistro Take Afternoon Tea, Anytime Afternoon Tea Pre-theatre and evening meals Dine in Style Delicious Desserts Day or Night Boozy Brownie




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Located directly opposite the stunning Theatre Royal, Josephine’s is a delightfully small and elegant Tea Room and Bistro. We open from 10am and serve breakfast, with our Duke’s Muffin’s and Omelettines an ever popular change to a traditional English Breakfast. 

Lunch and Brunch through to 5pm take in everything from traditional dishes such as Fish Pie or Bangers & Mash to Full Afternoon Tea.

Evenings we will shortly be launching our take on tapas style dishes. Take yourself on a trip around the world with mini dishes of traditional recipes from as far afield as Brazil and as close as Sweden.